The Brighter Side of Slum Life

You can’t choose where you are born, but your actions and the decisions you make determines on where you will be in the future. Most of the people found themselves in the slums.They had no choice but to accept their situation. Some of the slum dwellers made a decision to make their residence more habitable and more interestingly, some people do thrive so well in the slums while others do manage to get their selves out of the slum life. Slum is defined as semi-urban informal settlement common with high crime rate, dense population, high poverty levels, open sewers and heaps of garbage. Amidst the negative appearance of the scenario, there is always a brighter side in the slum life.

Raw talent breeds in the slum. Most of the successful musicians, athletes, boxers, coaches always trace their roots back in the slum. The tough life and harsh conditions made them develop their talent at an early age due to their passion and zeal to achieve. Also some of the influential world leaders shared the better part of their lives in the shantytowns. The slum life always has a way of molding people into leaders at a very tender age. It creates an environment to be independent and responsible and those attributes are always very reflective at adulthood.

Amidst the high crime rates common in the slum, some of the entrepreneurs have identified the business opportunities in the high population of the slum dwellers. Most of the business people have made a fortune out of the high number of slum dwellers by engaging their selves in small-scale businesses. Selling fast-moving and highly perishable goods is a sure way of business success. Some Tycoons also have developed their companies by creating renewable energy from the dumping sites.

Besides hopelessness, there is a stronger communal fiber that binds the slum dwellers. Since these people understand each other’s problems better, they hold onto communal values such as love, kindness, resilience, hard work and patience. Most of them always have a belief that one day they will make it out of the slum. They always have hope for better future.

Most of the slum dwellers have developed stronger Immunity as compared to those who live in formal settlements. Due to early exposure to dust and chemicals, these people rarely gets sick. In fact it’s a common scene to see the slum children jumping around a heap of toxic garbage and some of them even digging for food in the litter bins. However it’s important to note that waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera among others are so prevalent in these areas.

Slum dwellers always have an upper hand when it comes to Government development projects since they are the first to be considered. Projects such as Housing projects and Infrastructure developments are first tested in the slums before they can be cascaded down to the other parts of a given nation.

I appreciate most of the Government’s efforts to upgrade the slums into modern houses but as long as the slums do exist in this modern world, we should understand that a lot of positive energy always breeds in these areas. Ambition, hard work, resilience, patience and sheer determination can be best illustrated when you visit any slum around the globe.

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